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  1. We can relate and by ‘we’ I mean my husband who has BRCA1 markers and developed mammary analogue salivary carcinoma in the parotid gland in his left side. His also was in October almost two years ago.

    Because it was considered part of the breast cancer family, we met many women who had breast cancer. David did radiation … 32 rounds of it after surgery, it was hell, and you are right it affects everyone around you.

    I think the nicest thing I aw was a lady who had radiation, her daughter supplied free non fragranced hand made lotion for the ladies who had gone through chemo and were in the radiation stage. It was a beautiful lotion, and smelled so nice. David when he recovered, gives rides to radiation treatments now, to those who can’t drive or really just arent feeling up to it.

    I can’t say I have ‘enjoyed’ your journey, because that’s not the best phrase, but I can say for sure you have helped women know what you have went through and hopefully too gotten some checking themselves monthly.I hope you are feeling better from your recent surgery.

    My only fear for hubby, is the markers although the same, don’t seem to have anything he can do to prevent more cancer a women can. Scans for sure are scary and he still gets one twice a year and the waiting is always the toughest.

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