The Stress of Waiting for Test Results After Cancer 

Test Results anxiety

If you have ever had serious health issues, you know how tough it is to wait for test results.  The stress of waiting for test results after a cancer diagnosis is difficult.

I have anxiety before, during, and after the test. Every time the phone rings my heart rate doubles.

It all goes back to my first biopsy. After feeling a lump in my breast many doctors reassured me it was just a cyst. When I went to get the “cyst” drained, it wouldn’t drain and was no longer considered a cyst. The next day, I saw the doctor’s name on the caller id. Not a good sign. All I remember hearing is, “The biopsy shows abnormal cell growth.” And, “Yes, you have breast cancer.”

What it feels like

Have you ever had an extremely stressful event or emergency and then when it’s all over you feel wiped out?

I get anxiety after every medical test I have now.

The Stress of Waiting for Test Results After Cancer