Pfizer’s Support for Cancer Patients and Caregivers

Young Breast Cancer Survivor Diagnosed at Age 31

I am a young breast cancer survivor. On September 25, 2009, I became part of the group no one ever wants to belong. Eight years ago, over the phone, I heard the dreaded words, “You have cancer.”

Helping Others After My Cancer Diagnosis

Shortly after being diagnosed, I decided I would do something good with what I was given. After that, it became my duty to share my story and help others facing cancer. As I came to learn, cancer is so much more than just the diagnosis and treatment. It’s a lifelong journey that changes the way you live life.

Lack of Cancer Resources 8 Years Ago

At the time, there were not many easily accessible tools to help those affected by cancer. I really had to search for relevant online groups and navigate the many articles and books out there.

Thankfully, now, through Pfizer’s novel initiative This is Living with Cancer™, Pfizer is sharing inspirational posts, tools and support for those living with cancer.

Pfizer’s Support for Cancer Patients and Caregivers