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  1. Try freezing a water bottle and rolling your foot on it (on a rug, floor doesn’t work well). I think chemo just does crazy things to nerve endings. My mom was in great shape then suddenly after 5 years of chemo she was having a laminectomy. What? I’m sorry for your pain…feet are so important!

  2. Hi, I have also experienced the same pain you have except they said it was arthritis when I complained of foot pain after a painful foot infection. I talked to my cousin who is a doctor and she recommended wearing a Strassburg Sock on both feet. It is designed to help gently stretch the muscles in the bottom of the foot overnight. I live in Canada and bought mine at a store made for runners. This has helped a lot as I have to do a lot of walking for my job. I know it is expensive but have you considered custom foot orthotics? I wear custom ones where they give me extra padding for my heels and for the bone before my arch that gives me a lot of pain.

  3. I had surgery in June and about a month later my feet started to hurt just like someone was hitting me with a hammer. Nobody knows what it is. I don’t have cancer….but I did have surgery…I wonder if there is something in the anistesia they told me to get orthodics that’s all I needed. I did but my feet still hurt. Forget about going bare footed. I don’t know what to do.

  4. Your foot pain is exactly how I describe mine. I also said its like someone has hit the soles of my feet with a hammer.
    It’s sometime that has only started for just over a week now, unlike you though I have never done chemo.
    I was thinking it could be because I have big feet (size 13 au/us women’s) and I’m wearing size 12 shoes because I can’t find any size 13 that I can afford at the moment (same with size 12).
    I noticed the pain starting shortly after my feet grow but it was small and didn’t bother me too much but slowly over the course of about a month has became very, very painful and almost unbearable.
    My right foot hurts way more then my left and when it first started it was only the right foot.
    I started to do more foot stretches but I haven’t tried the ones your talking of so I will try them in the morning and hope it gives some relief.
    I’m only 19 years old, so I’m hoping I can find a good solution and if I do I’ll post an update in case more people have the same problem.

  5. Hi, I’m back with my update.
    After writing my comment I work up the next morning and my feet felt fine and now it’s not a constant thing but I still have the pain on and off.
    What has been working for me is getting a hard ball (right now I’m using a bouncy ball until I find one of those yoga ones because I think that would work really well, or even a tennis ball could work), and I put it under one foot, while I’m standing and put pressure on the foot and start to roll the ball using my foot.
    It’s actually pretty painful but do it gently and then apply more pressure I do it for about 1 min and then do the other foot.
    The more your feet are hurting the more this hurts but so far has worked for me.
    I do it when I start to feel my feet hurt, the relief ( for me) can last about 1-3 hours on my feet depending on what I’m doing.

    So I definitely think it’s worth trying, good luck!

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